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Let it be. The power of language to shift perspective.

Updated: 5 days ago

Let it Be

Words have immense power because they carry meaning. Words serve as vehicles for communication and allow us to convey thoughts, emotions, ideas, and intentions to others.

But their significance goes far beyond mere communication; words shape our perceptions, influence our beliefs, and ultimately define our reality.

When we hear or read words, our minds immediately attach meaning to them based on our experiences, beliefs, and cultural context. This process of interpretation is what gives words their power to evoke emotions, inspire action, or provoke thought.

Consider how a single word or phrase can evoke a range of emotions depending on the context in which it's used, such as.


🎯 Let’s unpack this….

When someone tells you to "let it go," it can be positive if it encourages you to release burdens or grudges that are weighing you down, helping you to move forward.

However, it can be negative if it's used to dismiss your emotions or experiences, invalidating your feelings instead of addressing the underlying issues.

Instead of brushing aside your feelings, I encourage you to...

"LET IT BE." 🙌

The contrast between "let it go" and "let it be" is in the implications.

Both concepts can be valuable tools for cultivating inner peace and resilience, but they emphasize different approaches to dealing with challenges and uncertainties in life.

"Let it go" involves actively releasing something by trying to force or control the outcome. It implies ignoring or minimizing the importance of a situation by suggesting the person should simply move on without proper acknowledgment or resolution of their feelings or concerns. It feels dismissive of what is. 🧹

In other words, “let it go” feels forced and judgmental. ⚠️

"Let it be" feels like surrender. 🎈

It implies a sense of acceptance and allowing things to unfold naturally without trying to change or control them. It's a mindset of surrendering to the flow of life and finding peace in the midst of uncertainty.

Choose to let it be.

Release yourself from the burden of trying to control every outcome and from the tyranny of perfectionism and self-doubt. Surrender to the flow of life, knowing that in every moment, you are exactly where you need to be.

To "let it be" will lead to "letting it go."


The THRIVE model

POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE - "Let it go" implies control, judgment, and/or dismissal - which is below-the-line thinking. "Let it be" implies awareness and acceptance of what is -- which is above-the-line thinking and a powerful perspective that allows us to thrive.

I’ve curated the best from my coaching practice, thought leadership and unique development programs to create something that takes the guesswork out of how to manage the chaos creators and the emotional chaos they incite - with kindness, confidence, and compassion.


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