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Control Your Feet. Control Your Chaos.

In a world of constant change, aggression, or mind games, maintaining control of our emotions, showing empathy, and cultivating awareness are essential to finding stability amidst the chaotic storm. 🌪️

Whether it's dealing with personal challenges or confronting Chaos Creators in our circles, our ability to remain grounded, empathetic, and aware makes the biggest difference in twisting chaos into calm.

One of the key components of emotional control is self-awareness—understanding our own emotions, triggers, and patterns of behavior. By developing a deeper understanding of ourselves, we can identify when we are becoming overwhelmed or reactive and take proactive steps to manage our emotions before they escalate.

🎯 How do we maintain emotional control around Chaos Creator?

Let’s unpack it...

☑️ Long-term strategies to develop healthy coping mechanisms include learning to set boundaries, being assertive, spending time with friends and/or family, talking to someone you trust who can hold space for you, and serving others in need.

☑️ In-the-moment strategies include breathing/grounding techniques such as counting to 5 to calm yourself and taking deep breaths to fill your belly – to bring your attention back to your body for a mini-reset.

One of my favorite ways to do this is to focus on the bottoms of my feet. Rock slightly back and forth between the heel to the ball of your feet and then visualize yourself planted firmly. 🦶

We rarely focus on our feet, so when we put our attention to them we are gently forcing our mind to focus while simultaneously grounding ourselves.

Another technique is to gently rub your ears. 👂

Both are subtle and simple enough to do while in a group setting.

📌 [PRO TIP] Brene Brown has developed a habit of twisting her ring at least 3 times to remind her to be intentional and thoughtful before she responds to chaos. 💗


POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE  - Maintaining control of our emotions, helps us to navigate challenges with resilience and contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious [above-the-line] society that guides us to THRIVE.

Validation is one of the tools in my 6-step guide to Conquering Chaos.

Find the other 5 tools here 👉 Empowered Communicator's Toolkit


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