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Comfort Zone Chaos

Outside of the Comfort Zone

I recently stepped out of my comfort zone to promote and launch my new book 👉 You Were Born for More: Unpack What Holds You Back at the beautiful Healing Roots Wellness Center. THANK YOU to all of you who supported this event (physically or emotionally). I hope you walked away feeling encouraged and appreciated!


That said, comfort zones are like protective bubbles where routines and predictability reign. While they offer a sense of safety, they can create a different kind of chaos by stifling progress and personal growth.


I often allude to chaos as a negative because the chaos of uncertainty is rooted in fear. But chaos can serve as a positive disruptive catalyst because it gets our attention and heightens our awareness.


While this disruption is uncomfortable and sometimes frightening, within it lies the potential for unparalleled growth.


When we are brave enough to take a risk and step out of our comfort zones, we discover that others show up to encourage and support us on our journey (proof positive is the book launch).


Here are some practical tips to lean into your discomfort zone.


➡️ Set Incremental Challenges:

Start small by setting achievable challenges that slightly push your boundaries. These can be daily or weekly goals that require you to step out of your comfort zone without overwhelming you. Gradually increasing the level of difficulty allows you to build confidence and adaptability over time.


➡️ Embrace Learning Opportunities:

Actively seek opportunities to learn something new or acquire a skill outside your usual expertise. This could involve taking up a course, attending workshops, or participating in activities that challenge your existing knowledge base. Learning keeps the mind agile and open to new possibilities.


➡️ Seek Feedback and Constructive Criticism:

Invite feedback on your work or ideas and be open to constructive criticism. This not only provides valuable insights but also exposes you to different perspectives. The willingness to receive feedback, even when it's uncomfortable, fosters a mindset of continuous improvement and resilience.


Breaking out of comfort zones in the face of chaos is not just about enduring discomfort—it's about actively seeking it as a pathway to growth. The journey may be challenging, but within the chaos lies the untapped potential for transformational progress.


Thrive Model


The key is not to overwhelm yourself with drastic changes but to consistently challenge yourself in manageable increments. Embracing discomfort becomes a new habit that leads to increased resilience, adaptability, and powerful perspectives that encourage us to thrive.

I’ve curated the best from my coaching practice, thought leadership and unique development programs to create something that takes the guesswork out of how to manage the chaos creators and the emotional chaos they incite - with kindness, confidence, and compassion.

Chaos Creator's Toolkit

👉 Download the free toolkit here >> Empowered Communicator's Toolkit to Conquer Chaos Creators

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