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Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Assessment

The National Health Service in the UK developed an Emotional Intelligence Questionnaire that assesses 5 dimensions using 50 items. 


Those dimensions are:

1.    Self-awareness

2.    Managing emotions

3.    Motivating oneself

4.    Empathy

5.    Social skill


Using a 5-point scale, participants indicate how much each statement applies to them: 

1= does not apply at all, and 5 = always applies. 


The scoring for this tool is grades ranges of scores:


  • Scores between 35 and 50 are considered a strength.

  • Scores between 18 and 34 need attention.

  • Scores between 10 and 17 are development priorities.


Understanding the different characteristics of emotional intelligence domains can be useful when learning how to optimize and develop your emotional intelligence.



POWERFUL PERSPECTIVE  - As leaders, the more we nurture our EQ, the better we are equipped to effectively manage our chaos creators. 

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