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boot camp for Empowered Communicators 

Navigating Chaos Creators with Confidence & Compassion

Go from rolling your eyes in frustration to being a beacon of respect and stability!

Say goodbye to that pit in your stomach and hello to holding your head high.

Join me in creating a trust-filled culture that breeds success and productivity for you and everyone around you.


In this exclusive course, you'll master projecting confidence even in the heat of the moment, embracing non-judgmental listening, and honing your communication skills for maximum impact.

Elevate yourself into a deliberate, powerful communicator!

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Presented by Samantha Bluhm

This boot camp is for you if you're ready to reclaim your joy and power and become an intentional, respected communicator whose conversations uplift everyone. You're in the right place if you want to safeguard boundaries and make your time matter by handling the unnecessary chaos with kindness and confidence.

If you are ...

  • A Manager and leader in a team with solid talent but the dynamics are a bit wonky or 'off'

  • A Customer-facing IT professional who is great at black and white but uncomfortable in the grey

  • A Healthcare provider who works with a range of personalities and situations ranging from new parents to new caregivers

  • An ace teacher and educator interested in making administrative meetings as productive as your classroom

  • A non-profit professional who needs to motivate and influence volunteers

This bootcamp is for you.

At boot camp you'll get

Yellow Flowers and Laptop

Yes, I want to conquer chaos with confidence and compassion!

You're good to go. Check your inbox.

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