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[Mastering the art of working with difficult people]

crushing Chaos with
confidence  course

Don't let chaos creators derail your success or drain your energy any longer.

Take charge of your interactions and conquer chaos with confidence. 

It's time to take control.



☑️  Identify different types of difficult personalities and understand the underlying motivations behind their behavior.

☑️  Effective communication strategies to defuse conflicts and navigate challenging interactions with ease.

☑️  Cultivate empathy and emotional intelligence to build stronger, more harmonious relationships.

☑️  Learn proven techniques for setting boundaries and managing difficult situations assertively yet diplomatically.

☑️  Gain confidence and resilience to handle chaos creators with grace and professionalism, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.

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Presented by Samantha Bluhm

This course is for you if you're ready to overcome exhaustion to reclaim your joy and become an intentional, respected communicator whose conversations uplift everyone.


You're in the right place if you want to safeguard boundaries and make your time matter by handling unnecessary chaos with  confidence.

If you are ...

  • A Manager and leader in a team with solid talent but the dynamics are a bit wonky or 'off'.

  • A Customer-facing IT professional who is great at black and white but uncomfortable in the grey.

  • A Healthcare provider who works with a range of personalities and situations ranging from new parents to new caregivers.

  • An ace teacher and educator interested in making administrative meetings as productive as your classroom.

  • A non-profit professional who needs to motivate and influence volunteers.

This course is for you!

What you'll get At the chaos Creator's CoursE


Unlock foolproof and step-by-step techniques to amp up communication and radiate confidence.


Best practices to seek understanding and develop empathy and awareness.


Interact with others, ask questions and share experiences that bring the learning to life.,


Use live Q&A sessions to practice and hone to be game-day ready.


The methods to easily navigate diverse communication scenarios and techniques to build confidence.


Storytelling techniques to harness the power of narrative to convey ideas.

what clients say


Tiffany, Education

I recommend this course to anybody looking for the right tools at the right time to work with challenging situations and people. Your confidence will thank you.


Mardy, Insurance

Not only do we have the tools to communicate better with each other, we have incorporated this learning with our clients. My only regret is not hiring Samantha years ago!

Juliette_McDonough Medium.jpeg

Juliette, Technology

If you are looking for someone to guide and support your professional path and help you find the power within your communication and relationships, look no further!

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I want to conquer Chaos!
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