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I am so glad you are here.
If you're here, there is a good chance you're looking for a boost of confidence. 
  • Confidence to become who you were born to be
  • Confidence to lead and help others
  • Confidence to change or leave a toxic space
  • Confidence to transform the pain points
Confidence occurs when you accept what is and operate from that center in all areas of your life. I know that can sometimes seem daunting because we are led to believe that confidence is something you achieve instead of cultivate.

That’s why I’m so glad you’re here!

Let’s get you a shot of powerful inspiration, a dose of powerful perspectives and some kick-butt confidence tools to use, too. 

So… if this resonates… I invite you to stick around!

You can check out my blog for some powerful stories and useful strategies. You can download 30+ ways to live your best life today. Or you can find out more about coaching to build confidence in yourself, your co-parenting, or your teams. 

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samantha bluhm
Certified confidence &
Corporate Coach

the free tools & resources you want.
the guidance you seek.
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Not sure if coaching is for you?
No worries. Here's a tool to help you take the next step on your personal growth and development journey with a guided pathway to change. It's free.

Family Dispute

Dynamics, people and priorities change which can leave you with unexpected challenges of raising children with two sets of rules. The struggle is real and I wish I knew then what I know now. Don't make the same mistakes I did. Download the free tool with tips and effective strategies.


 The best leaders recognize the value of people and process. 
Whether you're highly functional or scratching along, teams need a boost of confidence and new tools to stay sharp, engaged and focused.

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