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leave chaos & drama behind. you're here to thrive.

Chaos Creators exist everywhere. They disrupt the energy that makes you and your team THRIVE. 

Your Chaos Creators might be co-workers who complain, gossip or gaslight.

It might be your colleague who ignores your body language and voilates a personal boundary.

Your Chaos Creator could be a well-intended individual who says one thing and does the exact opposite.

Or it might be a family member who continually spins in self-induced chaos. 

Whoever is the source of your chaos, I've got you covered with free resources, training, and action steps to help you communicate with confidence and compassion-- right now.



life coaching

The THRIVE model is a proprietary methodology designed to enhance relationships, elevate confidence, and turn struggle into strengths so you can thrive with:

  • Step-by-step strategies to THRIVE in a any environment

  • Take charge of communications or communicators that create chaos

  • Be recognized and respected for your approach to problem-solving

teaching Teams to thrive 

If you're looking for support with teamwork, leadership, change, service or employee engagement, you've come to the right place. Facing up to today's most pressing business challenges means finding the right people development partner for your organization – and it all begins with self-understanding.

Insights Discovery is a transformational experience for learners all over the world.

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Embrace success.

communicate with confidence

If you're here, there is a good chance you're seeking tools to calm chaos, improve relationships, and be a deliberate communicator. Whether in your team, business, or marriage, welcome to powerful perspectives - where you'll learn to thrive!

You know that self-awareness is at the core of personal growth, excellent teamwork, improved communication, enhanced productivity, and truly inspirational leadership and I've got you covered.


You'll find a free 28-page Empowered Communicator's Toolkit filled with templates, visual aids, and tons of info you can implement right now. 


what clients say

Mardy, Iowa

After working with Samantha, our teams have a better understanding of each other’s styles which has made a huge difference in efficiency, camaraderie, and overall production.


We were impressed with how Samantha connecting with everyone to allow them to open up and step outside their comfort zone.


Not only do we have the tools to communicate better with each other, we have incorporated this learning with our clients. My only regret is not hiring Samantha years ago!

Don't leave without your free Empowered Communicator's toolkit

Download your free 28-page toolkit to working with chaos creators and you'll have exceptional tools for working with challenging people and situations -- starting today.

This toolkit includes:

  • Tools to guide what words to use and when

  • 6 step-by-step strategies to conquer chaos without burning bridges

  • Templates to determine what approaches work best

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