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One-to-One Confidence Coaching Packages

A personal life coach can be in your corner if you need help making a decision, getting clarity, building confidence, or creating a plan for communicating with difficult (but necessary) relationships.  It is absolutely life-changing work.  3 Package options available.

Couple's Coaching

Take your relationship to the next level by improving communication, learning how to adapt to the other's preferences, and speak the other person's love language more effectively. Couples Coaching is for you if you are in a healthy relationship but you want to keep growing as a power couple. 

Corporate Coaching & Team Building

Help people understand themselves and their colleagues so that they can have more respectful, productive and positive working relationships, even across virtual boundaries. Through workshops or team consultations, Team Coaching helps:

  • Individuals understand their own and others’ communication preferences

  • Connect better with colleagues to improve collaboration

  • Have a common language to help overcome challenges and conflict

Coaching Tune-Up

This is a two-part program. One hour package to help if you are feeling stuck, lost or overwhelmed -- and one follow up for support and accountability.

Coaching Tool Kits

These self-coaching toolkits are for you if you prefer to tackle some amazing tools and techniques on your own.  Think of it as having your very own coach and accountability to learn at your own pace and in your own space. The toolkits are specialized and include at least 3 powerful tools as well as the model for: 



Built on the most common obstacles my clients have overcome, these work-at-your-own-pace workshops provide the support you need when you need it most. Explore the topics here.


Our company is comprised of ½ Sales and ½ Analytical with different communication and work styles.
After working with Samantha, the teams have a better understanding of each other’s styles which has made a huge difference in efficiency, camaraderie and overall production. We were so impressed at how Samantha  had a way of connecting with everyone that allowed them to open up and step outside their comfort zone.


Not only do we have the tools to communicate better with each other, we have  incorporated this learning with our clients.
My only regret in hiring Samantha is, that I should have done so years ago!

Mardy, Executive Vice President

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