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As the author of the book, You were Born for More, Samantha’s reputation as a speaker is built on her vast experience of turning adversity and struggle into powerful perspectives.  

She uses her unique methodology and expertise as a life coach to deliver talks on personal effectiveness and the psychology of success in business and life.

A natural storyteller, she shares her former hardships and vulnerability with humor and optimism that makes for unique and entertaining talks.


In addition to working with teams in higher education, professional coaching, and healthcare, Samantha has talked to financial advisors, professional women’s groups, mom’s groups, and civic organizations. She has presented at events hosted by the YMCA, Empower House, Healing Roots, Rotary, Vibrant Health, and Allina Health.

She works with businesses of all sizes and has also gone into schools to discuss healthy boundaries, living authentically, managing stress, and the importance of mental health and what we can do to improve our own.

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